The Story

It all started with this...


My name is Isabel (iszi) Pina McPartlin I am the owner/operator of Renegade Bakery & Culinary Studio, a shared use commercial kitchen located in Bryan/College Station, TX.  I am also the owner/baker/maker of Sweet Eve Creations.

My journey to this moment in time has so many twists and turns.  Honestly, I sometimes wonder how I got here.  But... here I am.  I will give you the short version...

I grew up in Lima, Peru where with my family (Dad, Mom, Sister) I traveled all over the world. I graduated from TCU with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Upon graduating I moved with my sister to Chicago, IL to work at the Merchandise Mart and play in the city! 

I feel like my travels and my "colorful" experiences as an employee and as an entrepreneur of several businesses (more on that someday...) led me here. Of the experiences that I have had and after much reflection I realized that with so much beauty and richness in the various cultures of the world, the one thing that we all have in common is food.  So when the opportunity presented itself we (husband, best friend, & partner) bought a kitchen.  Holy crap!!!  What?!  Not just any kitchen a large wholesale bakery!  

It is waaaayyy too big for one small business so we decided to open it up to other small food businesses who could also use a health department approved commercial kitchen.  And... Renegade Bakery & Culinary Studio was born!   

Sweet Eve Creations is just one of many of the wonderful food businesses that function out of the kitchen.  I am blessed to be among such dynamic and amazing culinary talent. 

It really all started with a desire to combine my favorite fruit with my favorite dessert - cheesecake!  Oh aaannndd... Chocolate!!!  But why stop there?  Let's throw in some color with sprinkles, edible paint, and last but certainly not least...  SPARKLE!!!  (Enter my inner 14 year old).  And while we are adding glitter to apples dipped in decadent chocolate let's add cookies to the mix too!  Because EVERYTHING needs glitter! 

I will stop there for now... But I have so many more ideas percolating. 

Let's see where this takes me.  I hope you will join me in my sparkly journey!  

“…No matter where you go in the world people eat. Nothing brings people together like food. It is the one thing we all have in common. My goal is to create and share food in ways we can all appreciate, support, and gather around…”

Buen Provecho! Salud!