The Story



Who is Isabel (iszi) McPartlin? 

Good question… 

At 53 years young I am still exploring the possibilities!  

Here are some deets related to the physical:

  • 5’4” and hopefully not shrinking.
  • Pant size: 8-12 (sometimes, rarely, a 6 depending on the brand). Whatever… it’s just a number!
  • Top: 34D - M-XL. I like my clothes roomy and comfy!!! 
  • Dress: Rarely wear these but when I do usually 8-12 depending on brand.  I live in JEANS!  Cute tops are my kryptonite.  ;).
  • Shoes: 5
  • Hair: Going grey from brown BUT I reserve the right to pull out the box at any time!  
  • Weight: We won’t get into that.  

Some background.  I will spare you the floral language of my life and list some things that I feel have formed the 53 year version of me today.  Maybe shed some light on some street cred too!  

  • American (born in USA) Mexican. My maiden name is Pina.  Like Pina colada!  Salud! 
  • I grew up in Lima, Peru during the 80s. Graduated high school in 87.  Voted “Best Dressed” my senior year!  ;).
  • I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Trucker! My posts may get “colorful”.  Not for everybody.  Good thing you can choose who you “follow”.  ;).
  • Extensive travel to countries like Bangladesh, China, India, Tunisia, Europe, etc…
  • Did some modeling many, many, many, years, and pounds ago!
  • Graduated from TCU with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.
  • Lived and worked in Chicago for many years as a manufacturer’s rep at the Merchandise Mart.
  • Worked at a couple of high-end interior design firms in Baltimore and Chicago.
  • Happily married to my best friend! “McP” (Todd McPartlin) is love of my life.  Swoon… <3.
  • 3 fur babies. Juno, Lily, and Sookie.  <3
  • Current residence: Bryan/College Station, TEXAS!   STATE.  EVER!
  • Husband and I own a Shared Use Commercial Kitchen. Blessed to be surrounded by such amazing culinary talent.   
  • Favorite music: Jazz and blues are my constant, but I love everything except most rap, most current pop, and most current pop country.  
  • Style: Eclectic! I love blending modern with vintage.  Home Décor: Same. And I LOVE anything and everything Art Deco! 
  • Favorite colors: Magenta, Indigo, Animal print, and Sparkle!    

So there you go!  It’s a mixed bag, but it works!  Isn’t that what life is?  A mixed bag and beautiful, perfectly, imperfect blends and collections of past, present, and future?  The goal, IMO… is to somehow tell the story of your life in your own style.  Who are you?  What works for you?  Let’s explore the beautiful possibilities together!